Len & Hyla Weimann
email: yelhan(at)telkomsa.net & hylen(at)jmail.co.za

Welkom, South Africa

For all your Photographic and DVD Requirements

We use digital equipment for all our Photographic and Video work. We have some of the best Cameras and Editing Programs and Equipment on the market.

Although we specialize in Wedding Shoots, we do a wide range of other work as well.

We work best as a team, as we always consider what the other one is doing, not getting in each other’s way as we have often seen happen when there are two individuals working. We have often experience the photographer being absolutely inconsiderate when it concerns the videographer.

We work on the principal of our subjects posing for the photographs, and not for the DVD – after all the DVD records movement, whereas one needs the subject mostly still for a photograph. There will be a few scenes especially done for the DVD, but most of the time you and the wedding party are hardly aware of the videographer being there, as he stays in the background. This makes the people less self-conscious and they are very much more natural.

We supply any props we need for the photo shoot, unless the clients need something special that they want to supply themselves.

We will make full use of the venue which must preferably be chosen by the customer. We have already had very strange venues for our photo shoots, but always managed to make the most of it – no matter how unusual it may be.

We work mostly in the goldfields of the Freestate, but we have had assignments near and far –
to mention a few:-

  • Welkom
  • Pietermaritzburg
  • White River,
  • Vrede,
  • Ermelo
  • Piet Retief
  • Wittenberg
  • New Castle
  • Alberton …………etc

From the above you can see that we have traveled quite extensively. In fact we have done assignments for the same families on several occasions…… sisters, brother and sister, cousins, friends – we get many word of mouth recommendations from satisfied clients.

We have often done a wedding shoot, and when the children start arriving we have been assigned to do their christenings & dedications, first day at daycare, birthday parties, first day at school, etc….

You can also contact us by phone:

  • +27573522615
  • +27824637544
  • +27824991648

Or Skype me:
My Skype ID: hymagw

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My husband, Len, and I are a team who work together in making memories in digital format. We strive to always look for that which is different from the everyday and mundane.

I am here to give you a preview of what we do as a Digital Photographic and Digital Video Team.

In this first album we will look at some Wedding Photographs as examples of work done in the past.

We have a large archive of Wedding Photo and DVD shoots we have done over the past decade. These photographs are only a small sample of our quality work.

Our Wedding photo/DVD shoot starts with the bride alone an hour before she needs to be at the ceremony. We cover the ceremony, then we have a group photo session. Thereafter we have the bridal couple alone for about 30 to 60 minutes after which we go to the reception where we continue until after the throwing of the garter, bouquet, cutting of the cake etc. If there is any dancing, we will cover the first few dances as well.

It is the responsibilit
y of the clients to make arrangements with the Church for the shooting in Church. There are some Churches that will not allow shooting during the ceremony, and in those cases the Minister is normally willing to “act” a repeat of the most important parts of the ceremony like the vows, putting rings on fingers and the blessing.


We have a large archive of photographs that can be ordered and details will be given on request.

We will cover any function like School and pre-School concerts, Matric Farewell, School Photos, certain Sports etc.
We are willing to travel within reason as long as it involves enough business to make it worth while. We cannot travel for a single or only a few photographs. If we are contacted well in advance, we may be able to arrange with a Creche, School or even a sports club to do some photographs by appointment if there is enough interest shown. This will normally only apply to photographs.